The Methodology

With the vision to evolve the entire ecosystem, our team of industry experts, highly experienced export managers and economists developed a methodology that almost guarantees best results covering nearly all the segments of the market.
We have divided the entire process into four major phases Upgrade, Promote, Secure & Execute.


Every business has a digital footprint, even if it is a physical business. If you have no website or social media preference, other companies can affect your digital reputation by going online and talking about your business. Smart people in business take control of what is published online about their business and make sure that they leave enough positive impression about their business to dominate the tiny bits of negative perceptions left by people with random experiences. Your digital footprint becomes even more vital in the case of international trading as it leaves a stronger first impression on any prospective buyer that may search for your business.



Buying 'leads' from online sources may seem a sure shot way to get guaranteed buyers. However, the leads procured from such sources are usually shared and reached out by multiple competitors and. Whereas nowadays, marketers simply use digital marketing campaigns to generate exclusive real-time leads for their businesses. We have a team of experienced Digital Marketers who are experts in generating genuine overseas leads for you. We also help you in communicating and negotiating with the generated leads and help you close the deal.


A properly executed order can evolve into a long term mutually beneficial relationship. Our assistance in finding packaging companies, understanding and following labelling norms, finding storage companies, shipping agents, freight forwarding agents, and other related agencies, ensures smooth execution of the export order.


All businesses entail risks; foreign trade, a tad more. The risks can be country related, trade-related or buyer related, and they all need to be dealt with at different levels. We at XIMPEX, hedge risks involved at each level of the export process and ensure that you are not exposed to any of the risks involved. Whether these risks require procedural intricacies or gathering intelligence about the potential buyer's trade practices, we help you mitigate them.

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