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Outsource your foreign trade department to XIMPEX and let the experts do their job. Creating a separate team for Foreign Trade may prove to be an exhausting exercise and may shift your focus from your core business. It is simpler and more efficient to let the experts do the job. Foreign Trade is our expertise and we are good at it.

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Why outsource an Export Department

Low Setup Cost

Starting your own Export Department can cost you heavily. Various cost elements involving a cost in space, recruitment, training, export tools, and several others may add up to be huge for you only start exploring the new function. Outsourcing the export department makes sense as we at XIMPEX have a ready to function setup and it can all be yours at a very low initial cost.

Higher chances of succeess

At XIMPEX our setup is world class, we use the most advanced tools and give them to Foreign Trade Experts, who manage your export on your behalf. As we are a core foreign trade company, we handpick the most talented leaders from the industry and give them the required tools in order to increase your chances of success

Enhanced Focus

We all understand that Initiating and managing an in-house export function can sometimes shift your focus away from your core business. As the cost of establishing an Export Department can be very high, the management often comes under the pressure of ensuring that it is a success. This makes them lose focus from their core business. We at XIMPEX already have a team of experts that you can hire at no set-up cost at all ensuring you never lose focus from your core business.

Regulatory Compliance

When you outsource your export function to XIMPEX, you are certain that all the regulatory compliances with being adhered to, as we follow the best practices in the industry ensuring that your business is safe and you receive all the benefits being offered by the government in the process.

The Ecosystem

At XIMPEX we have an atmosphere where we are always thinking and talking about foreign trade. An export manager sitting in a XIMPEX cubicle would always be more efficient than the one sitting in a factory or sourcing facility. When our export managers only breath foreign trade their focus is more result oriented and distractions are minimized.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Our network of vendors that are required at every stage of execution includes the reputation and cost evaluation of all the vendors and we make sure that our experience and expertise is passed on to our customers. So when we arrange a shipping agent for you, we not only make sure that you get the most economical deal, but we also ensure that your order is executed in the most professional manner, reassuring a repeat order from the buyer, if that is a possibility.

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