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"Embrace the social media and utilize it wisely to promote your brand. When you optimize social media, you may go off-line, but your brand will never go off-track."
-Israelmore Ayivor
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Get exlusive realtime leads generated only for you.

  • Email Campaigns run on millions of contacts in the XIMPEX database.

  • Social Media Campaigns run to promote your business and generate exclusive leads.

  • Support in Communication with overseas buyers in their language.

  • Support in Negotiation with potential buyers to draw down favourable and safe terms of trade.

How it Works

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing includes targeted online campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or other similar sources that help you generate inquiries that are specific to your business

Global Directories

Several Global Directories serve as a platform for buyers and sellers to meet. Listing your business on such directories help generate first hand enquires that have immediate requirements.

Email Campaigns

Most developed countries have strict norms against spams and junks through developing nations still adopt this strategy as social media is not accessible or is still at an entry-level.


Our communication team works in shifts and can contact your customers according to the timings that are most convenient to them as per their time-zone, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors and increasing your chances of conversion.


While negotiating, we need to consider several aspects about foreign trade, our international trade consultants are well aware of every aspect of Foreign Trade and are ready with the information when you need it so that you don't lose face.

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