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Those who would give up essential Safety, to purchase a little temporary Liberty, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Secure is the 'top arrow' of XIMPEX logo, and it is there for a reason. It is the umbrella under which all the other phases of THE Methodology, Upgrade, Promote, Execute; survive. It is an ongoing phase that runs parallel to the rest. All businesses entail risk, and Foreign Trade is no exception, though because of its core feature of being geographically widespread, the risks involved seem more significant and unmanageable. The best way to manage international trade risk is by doing your homework in advance, and then taking prudent countermeasures to limit your risk exposure. Foreign Trade Risks can be Country Related, Trade-Related or Buyer Related, and we manage them all at different levels.

We minimize Country related risks with the help of platforms like Coface and Aon Risk Map and the general awareness about specific countries. Transaction Risks need stronger knowledge of Foreign Trade technicalities like INCOTERMS, understanding of Quotas, permits & Embargo. Risks at the level of Buyers are mitigated with the help of Banks and Insurances. Though the above three are mainly Foreign Trade-Related, we understand that one of the most significant risks for a customer is the monitory risks where the client needs to minimize their cost of exploring Foreign Trade. The main reason that we ensured that your investment is minimum and have designed our subscriptions in a manner that allows them to explore foreign trade with minimum investment and gradually escalate their investment as and when they see the success on every level.

Low Initial Investment

Our annual subscriptions cost nearly the same as the monthly salary of an export manager hired by any company that wants to initiate Foreign Trade. In comparison to a singular export manager, XIMPEX provides you with a team of highly qualified Foreign Trade Consultants who have access to resources where they can access global databases and tools that help them work more efficiently.


Support in Negotiation

The access to multiple resources enables XIMPEX team to know the prevalent prices in the buyer's country, giving them the edge to negotiate better. The team is also trained to take currency rate fluctuations and other similar factors into consideration; it is safe to say that XIMPEX will always be able to fetch better prices for you. 

Vendor's Due Diligence 

Choosing the right vendor is essential not only because they help you service your order professionally and adequately but also because an unethical vendor can take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Such vendors may suddenly reveal some last moment hidden charges or may even escalate the price blaming you for having made in some documentation. Such costs can be quickly addressed to if you are aware of the technicalities. We at XIMPEX ensure that the vendors that you are using have a proper track record and robust policies that avoid such occurrences, ensuring you don't spend extra at any stage of execution.

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