XIMPEX eXpress is a package that intends to support our customers in converting the leads into buyers. We use several tools like Conversion Ratio Optimiser to ensure maximum conversion. The customer is given insights on the prevalent price in the target country and information on Freight Rates and Packaging Cost etc to ensure that the customer is well prepared to handle the negotiations.


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Digital Marketing

Generate personal realtime leads with digital media campaigns for 8 weeks. We will even help you out with blogs and posts


We help you by providing templates to various presentations and emails so that you can communicate with the leads with ease.

My Business

Show off on Google Search, with all the details of your business at

Google My Business Setup

Verified Leads

Leads generated for your business first go through a level of scrutiny. We will first verify the lead and then hand it over to you.

Social Media

Build you own network  on social media and generate direct leads for your own business.

Market Report

Get a market report for your main product and then decide which market to focus upon. Learn the price trends of your products


Google MyBusiness

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