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Service Exports

Historically export of services has been more of an Annexure to the goods export as they can be crucial in stimulating goods exports and are critical in maintaining those transactions. Many Indian goods exports would not take place if they were not supported by such service activities as banking, insurance, and transportation. The many obvious differences between services and products include differences between intangibility and customer involvement.  

Because services are intangible, you may find that communicating a service offer is more difficult than communicating a product offer. Also, services frequently must be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Such adaptation often necessitates the client’s direct participation and cooperation. Involving the client, in turn, calls for interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity on the part of the service provider.

In recent years with rapid advancement in technology, this sector has shown exponential growth as today services export has become a stand-alone division in itself. The main reason for this independence is probably due to the complete shift in the delivery mechanism. Being intangible is no more a challenge it rather became an opportunity as they can be delivered via something as simple as an SMS. Advancements, like downloading an e-book from some e-commerce website or helping US Medical Practitioners service their patients better via a mobile application developed and maintained in India, have given services export a completely new avenue to grow and flourish

Goods Exports on one side have always been limited largely to bulk orders and hence have a confined segment of B2B selling, we at XIMPEX understand that services can easily be exported to B2C markets and hence posing a completely new set of challenges.

to know how we help our customers in exporting their services to international markets

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