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Assistance Based

XIMPEX assistance based subscriptions give you the flexibility to pay for the next stage only after we have proven the success of the previous step, ensuring your investment is protected. Such a success-based approach makes XIMPEX services affordable for every aspiring exporter, who wishes to venture into Foreign Trade.


Get yourself Export Ready.
Evaluate the productivity & scope of your products in Foreign Markets. Upgrade the digital footprint for your business and get your business export ready. 

This subscription includes showcasing your business on digital platform along with supporting you in generating your IEC, GST and completion of other such statutory requirements.

Get a detailed market report to geographically target the country(s) that bear the maximum potential for your product(s)

We also help you in generating some leads, to get you started 


Get Real-time Exclusive Leads.

Once you are export ready and have a clearly defined target market, it's time to generate your own real-time exclusive leads. Our digital marketing experts help you generate lucrative and fresh leads that are kept exclusive for you. We design and run country specific campaign that draw interested buyers to your website and fill in their contact information.

XIMPEX leads are BANT qualified meaning the contact shared with you will have Budget, Authority, Need and a Time-Frame within which they will import the said product for their use.


Get your Leads Converted into Buyers

Get support in converting the leads that are generated thorough our Marketing efforts.

Get assistance in verbal and written communication from our team of International Sales personnel who are well versed in several foreign languages and have experienced in handling vast array of accents.

Utilise the skills and tools provided to our International Sales team that help impress your potential buyers and gain their trust while dealing with your business.


Execute your Export Order

Get support in Price Negotiation, Contract Drafting, Finding the right Vendor (Packaging company or Shipping Agents), Managing Payment Terms, Material Inspection and Calculation of Freight and other related costs. 

Our highly qualified Foreign Trade Consultants ensure that your export order is executed safely and flawlessly so that you can convert this one time export order into a recurring orders as a listed vendor for your buyer.

Export Packs
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