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Export Management 

Our services are cost-effective and make sense for all small and medium-sized companies which do not have their own export department and/or do not use their full capacity. We work as your export department. We create and evaluate your export plans. We travel abroad on your behalf  and negotiate with foreign consumers based on your delegation. We represent you at the fairs where we conduct business meetings. We also arrange business communications for you in different foreign languages.

Period: 1 Year

Companies that well understand the need to expand overseas though are not interested in investing to increase their investments in resources, be it human capital or expertise, XIMPEX can act as your export department. Initial meetings establish priority markets, customer profile and your goals in each country. We become your export department! Using the predefined goals, we approach target markets and customers, negotiate on your behalf, close deals and fulfill all those tasks inherent to the post.

Period: As per Contract

As a business owner you are an expert on what you do, so are we. Recruiting an international business manager is usually the first serious step for any business that wants to explore overseas markets for procurement or selling. Why depend upon a single employee or bear high costs of setting up a team, when you could hire a company of Experts? We offer our services as Experts on Foreign Trade at a cost as low as an employee's monthly salary! eXpert is a package where you can pay us on a monthly basis for managing all your Foreign Trade Activities.

Period: 1 Year

Like a typical Export Management Company, for eXact subscribers, XIMPEX will provide end to end services and will be responsible for all Promotional and Executional aspects of the client’s export. As soon as the client joins XIMPEX, they are assigned an Export Coordinator who will be the client’s single point of contact.
eXact comes with a XIMPEX commitment of minimum export value, this subscription package is offered only after a detailed analysis of the global market that the client wishes to export

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