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Export Sales Contract- The Inquiry and Offer

Just think, how will you react to an email from a customer located miles away from you and wants to buy your product!

To get the deal started and following till closure, export sales transactions must contain information related to the product like product description, price, quantity, transportation, etc. There are a lot of terms where you can go wrong and the deal slips away. The need for clear instructions on the terms used in the export sales contract is very important. Let's discuss the beginning where there are an inquiry and the proposal.

What is a customer inquiry? 

It is generally a query that is sent by a customer through mail or Ximpex campaigns, asking for information on a specific product you make. Following the inquiry, you might have the tendency to narrow down your offering (on the basis of specifications) so as to not confuse your customer. But always remember that broadening your offering gives your customers more options, which leads to a higher likelihood of accepting your offer.

How to make an offer?

Once you understand the available product options, drill down from there. More information is better for the customers as it gives the luxury of finding out just about everything there is to know about your product. Project all the salient features of the product like color, size, price, material composition, photo, a product guarantee if any, and everything else that is relevant to the customer’s inquiry. Make sure that you project what sets your product apart from others. This is something all the research in the world may not cover when a service provider does his homework and gives a great impression on the customer. Be careful while you submit a photograph because if you end up shipping a product that doesn’t look exactly like the one in the photograph, you could be liable and penalized. It can be claimed by the buyer that he expected what was featured in the photograph regardless of what was described in the offer. 

Now, all you have to do is go back to your incoterms, pricing and proforma invoice, produce/manufacture the goods and ship them to your customer. For any export assistance, you can reach out to Ximpex Export Experts.


Author: Sachin Yadav Co-Author: Lisa Goel


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